Handset/Phone System(s) Not Receiving Proper Time From Caller ID



Hi all,

I have an HT818 ATA device that I am having trouble with (not just this particular device). I have upgraded to the latest firmware & I still have trouble.

The problem: the time zone is set properly in the ATA through the web portal & specified to be used, but devices that use it for CID time fail to properly retrieve the time zone from the ATA through CID. I have tried many things.

Set Allow DHCP Option 42 to override NTP server to NO
Set Allow DHCP server to set Time Zone to NO

I am working on getting a copy of the syslog for when this error occurs. The time is correct (using us.pool.ntp.org and I have also used pool.ntp.org and others with the same result)

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Hello, sorry for necroposting, I thought you’de be interested to know that this particular issue was fixed in the latest firmware, release 2019-04-22.