HA100, UCM - E1 connection issue


Hi all, in E1 connection, Which cable will i connect between HA100, UCM6510?
And I connected T1 cable between HA100, E1 media converter. But interface still down. Take me advice thank you guys.


UCM - HA - E1/T1
It is in manual for HA


Which cables will i use?


Use a Standard ISDN to ISDN master slave cable


Is it?


that should be as it is isdn standard


note that some operators use un-crossed pins


Check cable directly to UCM first and configure it.
Then UCM-HA use strait if i remember (check manual)


I used correct cables, but E1 still down. Will i configure any configuration in UCM?


Check E1 status on UCM (diode) if cable are ok it should be static AFAIR.
For HW no settings is needed afair. Unless it show ok then cable is wrong.


I used standard cat5 cables and they worked. I made t1 cables and they didn’t work. Could be my work but I’ve made many cables.

Regardless, try cat5.


A lot of this was covered here…


I did not connect cable to T1/E1/J1 port, but this interface is up. What is reason of this?
And on the HA100 T1/E1/J1 port is green.


Isn’t that showing the pri is active? I’d have to log into a system to confirm. I can check when I’m in the office tomorrow.


Ok thanks, Pri media converter E1 led is still down.


Did you reverse the pairs of wires around at all causing the negative and positive wires to be back to front ?


Front led one is important. It is solid or not ?




Then HW is correctly set.
Go with HA now and you must have same solid. If you have then you need configure trunk correctly to provider.


What is HW mean?