HA100 - not exactly "enterprise-grade".



I already posted about the lack of dual power, but the HA100 is being touted as a good fit for “enterprise” customers. However, customers at that level actually need HA with Geo-Redundancy, which this doesn’t offer - it requires the devices to both be in close proximity.

I still say, the system needs to support DNS identification for the system(s) and the ability to sync between them at regular intervals, so a Hot/Standby arrangement can also be set up.

DNS is crucial anyway so a phone can be taken from the office to an off-site location and still work w/o requiring reprogramming.


Your suggestion has been noted.


I agree (+1) the Geo-Redundancy remarks.
You may be able to work around your DNS concerns with dyn or primary/secondary sip server settings on the sip endpoints.
I don’t have any HA units yet but I’ve seen chatter that they do not have dual power supply’s on the HA device itself - I really hope that isn’t the case!


It is - I made a very similar post (even commented on it on this thread). Thus, not at all “Enterprise Ready”.