HA100 Inquiry


Hello All,

I’m oh so very ignorant regarding the HA100 so, please have patience with my rookie questions.

  1. Does the HA100 get an IP from the network and the UCM’s are connected to it or do all three devices connect to the network or just the two UCMs. If they all connect, do I log into the HA100 at tell the HA100 what the IP’s of the UCM’s are or, do they communicate that info through the cable I see that connects them all.
  2. Regarding the firewall. If only the HA100 get’s an IP then I don’t see a question regarding the ports on the firewall. If all three devices get an IP, do I open ports and point them to the HA?
  3. In general, the HA100 is supposed to provide additional security by allowing the phone system to fail over. However, the HA100 is not redundant. What would happen if the HA100 failed? would both systems stop working?

I’ve only just started reading the documentation so, it’s likely that my questions are answered. However, I’ve found you all have provided excellent insight, beyond what in the manuals, before. Once again, I’m looking forward to your insight.

Thanks in advance.

  1. No. HA does not have any interface, you manage it from UCM6510.Only 1 UCM is logged to internet 2 one is standby (Network down). When 1 UCM down then second start netwrok (static same, DHCP you need force both unit for same IP).
  2. Third option: 1 UCM have IP
  3. If HA down then UCM work normal (HA is passive transparent). Treat it as Cable redundancy system. You will Get info that HA is Damaged (AFAIR).

In general it is plain easiest way to install. You just Start it in 1 UCM and that is basically most done (if static IP, if not see above).


Excellent feedback. Thank-you Marcin!