GXW4504 Setup


Hello All,

I’ve got a project coming up where I’ll be setting up and maintaining a 4504. Just wondering if any of you good folks has been through this and has any tips, shortcuts, pitfalls you’d care to share.

About how long does it take to setup (3 PRI’s about 100 DID’s). The DID’s are spread across all three PRI’s. Should I have the DID’s put onto one? The PRI’s are configured to roll over.

How much work should I expect to put into this monthly? Just do a reboot once in a while, firmware patches when needed? Is the GS box reliable? Should I have two setup? I don’t see a fail over unit but, would it be wise to have a hot spare? This is for a busy 24/7 call center.

In case anyone is wanting to know, they are moving from an on prem phone system to a cloud hosted option where the cloud service is going to allow many services to be completed over the phone. This will obviously cost money to get it setup but, it will be returned quickly in labor savings.


Thanks in advance.