GXW4501 with Bell Canada not connecting



Hello, we are installing a new PBX and using a 4501 for the PRI with Bell. We are unable to get the PRI to come up, we have set it up with the following parameters:

switch: DMS-100
Clock: Slave
Signaling: PRI_NET
LBO: 0db 0-133 DSX-1
Coding: B8ZS
Framing: ESF

Anyone have any ideas? We usually work with Telus PRI and never had this issue.


Hey Eric, we have a UCM6510 connected to a Bell PRI in Hamilton using these settings:

Keep in mind, you need to have the CID set correctly or Bell won’t allow you to make calls. (at least that was my experience with Bell). My customer CO is at 905-388.
Does the trunk show as blue or red on the status screen?


So, I haven’t updated this but I got the PRI to synchronize. Right now, I have the following issues:

I don’t hear operator messages (for long distance as an example) (I opened another thread about this) and I’m unable to get incoming caller ID to work in 3CX. I see the caller id in the 4501’s CDR so I know it’s receiving it, I just can’t figure out how to make it pass the SIP to the 3CX


I’ve never touched a 3CX so I can’t help much with that side… And i’ve never worked with a GXW4101 PRI gateway, only the old UCM6510 with built-in PRI… I would imagine the GXW has outgoing routing for the trunk to the 3CX, maybe with a check box for “keep original CID”? Does wireshark show the CID on the GXW side? Just trying to isolate if its an issue where the GXW isnt sending it, or the 3CX isnt receiving/processing it.


Your PBX should be PRI_CPE. Bell is master for signaling.

Edit: sorry, missed the post where you said signaling is ok.


we’re in Quebec and it’s DMS100 for the switchtype