GXW4501 not playing operator messages


Hi, when I dial a long distance number, the call just rings infinitely, I don’t get any playback from the operator that you need to dial 1.

Also, when I actually dial 1 before, the call doesn’t connect. My outbound pattern is _1XXXXXXXXXX

Can anyone help me out?


voip server?
tried with _x.?
network scenario
disabled SIP ALG?


voip server is 3cx which is locally installed and the option PBX Delivers Audio has been enabled on all extensions (this has fixed a similar issue with another brand of gateways in the past but not here)
sip alg is disabled
yes, i changed the outbound to _x. and it’s the same
network is simple, gateway behind firewall, nothing restricted egress


You need check T1 logs to see what is happening.
Unless you do not make routing in GXW ?


yeah outbound calls route through the gxw4501


So check :

  1. If 3CX sent invite to GXW (and is accepted)
  2. If GXW open t1 port (and call is established)


if i dial a local number, the call is connected. As soon as i dial a number that should be long distance, it just rings for eternity. If i add a 1 before, same thing


Is call visible in GXW ?
If yes ask T1 provider