GXW4501 - Not passing caller name from PRI to IP PBX


GXW4501 -

Telco --> PRI --> GXW4501 --> SIP --> PBX

Caller name is not being sent from the GXW. When we do traces on the 4501, the caller name is in the PRI trace, but not the SIP trace. Caller name is on lines 279,296, & 305 of the pri log.

I have had a ticket open for over a week with a few responses but they must be on vacation.

Does anyone know some magic to send the caller-id?


pri.zip (5.4 KB)


Hey Matt, just wondering if you figured this out? Its nearly a year ago I know, but I wondered what you did to get it sorted.


Sorry for the late response.

There was a checkbox on the second page of the PRI setup that needed to be enabled/disabled. Let me check the ticket.


I wasn’t able to find the solution in the ticket but we did get it working.

Do you see the caller name in the PRI debug or the CDR records in the Gateway?