GXW4501 Growth/Expansion


Would be nice if the GXW45XX Gateway appliances can be modular, we all know that a good IT customer need to plan growth for this type of technology but in the real world most customers will grow unplanned and I put an example:

  • Customer Buy GXW4502 (2xE1) but in the next Q’ they have other requirements and need another E1
  • He needs to buy another GXW4501 or similar and will take additional 1U rack space and so on

The unit 4501 has a lot of space for more modules. Maybe you can make GXW4500M (for modular) and you can buy modules one by one using the same rack space and power supplies.

Just saying…

FXS Ports on GXW4501

I like this idea.


I like the idea as well.

Maybe a new product where you can have various modules (PRI / FXO / FXS), much like a backpane so the PBX functions are on the PBX and the lines/FXS are added to the backpane as needed.


Hell, put the whole thing on a backplane including PRI, FXS, FXO, and PBX services and you just might have yourself a PC! :slight_smile:


A time ago, I buy an E1 usb gateway (brand XORCOM), it has fisicaly 4 E1 ports, but, only 1 came active. Then 3 years later, need another e1 port, only have to buy for the license and send me the code to activate the secundary port.


It’s an idea, so to say. Grandstream IP PBXs (or most appliance based IP PBXs) have long been lacking the flexibility in terms of line configuration options compared to traditional PBXs (Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic etc.).

When you look at product like the UCM6510 supporting up to 200 concurrent calls but only have 1 T1 on the unit. Calls will need a pathway to go out. In today’s environment it will most likely be a mix of PRI, analog and SIP. Having a backpane to handle all the AD conversion will help reduce the load on the PBX and anyone with any PBX can use it to connect to a mix of PSTN lines.