Gxw4501 factory reset


It would be a good idea to include in the menu an option to factory reset, the in case you make mistakes when setting up, have an easy way to start over. Not only to push reset buttom


Hi, asantos,

Thanks for your input.
There is a factory reset option in the LCD menu.


Factory reset and reboot options are already present in the lcd menu


I know that, but some time, the unit is in the DATACENTER, Comunication Room, etc, and I’m sitting in my desk, I would not like to go down the stairs 3 floors to get to the datacenter to factory reset the unit.


Usually Factory is available from SSH.


Confirmed. If you have SSH access enabled on the device, then you can do a factory reset remotely.

Of course, enabling SSH opens up its own can of worms, since there are no SSH options available to change port, limit logins to SSH keys, etc.