GXW4248 V2 - Play Port Number Feature


I’ve got 5 of the GXW4248 V2 that I’m installing and I’m trying to make it easier to identify which phones are connected to each port.
I’ve read the user manual, and it indicates there should be a star code to announce what physical port the calling phone is attached to, however it doesn’t list what the star code is by default.

Is this feature available in the V2 version of the GXW4248, or only on the V1 version?


Is anybody from @grandstream able to help out?


It is a user to user forum of which GS may or may not choose to jump in. The device is new and I just came across my first yesterday when helping someone else try and replace a v1.

I can only offer the following:

I see the same thing in the manual as well and I do not know if the manual addresses both models or not. The manual specifically indicates the firmware version to which it is applicable (which is also a version behind the current release for the V1), but make no mention of how of if applicable to the v2 version whose FW version is no where close to that contained in the manual.

Get into the web port of the device and navigate to call features. Perhaps it is a setting that you can input whatever suits you.

If not there or otherwise can’t be set, then:

Or perhaps one of the members from the EU side has more info and may answer if the post is seen and can offer something.