GXW4232 port not ringing


I am having an issue trying to call a phone that is connected to one of the ports on a GXW4232. When I call the number assigned to that port the phone does not ring. If I use that phone to make an outbound call it will complete the call. Then if I make another inbound call to that phone it will ring, but if there is no activity for a certain amount of time say 60 seconds or so, it will not ring. I am actually seeing this on all of the port on this device. There are certain port pointing to different SIP servers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


keep alive = 15 sec.


Where is this setting located?


should be in Network Settings


The description makes it appear that the GXW is remote from the SIP server(s). As such I assume it resides behind a firewall? If so, do you have port forwarding enabled?


There is no firewall in this net work. I did not find a “keep Alive” setting in the network setting section. All I could find is a SIP OPTIONS/NOTIFY Keep Alive Interval in the Profile settings. That was set to 30 so I changed it to 64800 and still doesn’t fix the issue. There are 4 different profiles that point to a different SIP server/Genband C15. Profile 1 works just fine but the other three do not. I have checked that each profile is setup the same but I will double check to be sure.


this is a serious deficiency (but there will be a valid reason and it is not today’s theme anyway)


make sure you have the updated FW e
put both parameters at 15 seconds and restart the GXW


Made a few changes on each profile after doing some PCAPs.


I don’t see that you have set the keep alive interval to 15 sec.
but still works now?
(option keep alive is another matter)


OK, no firewall, are the devices remote to one another using the open Internet to reach to the other side?