GXW4224 VLAN Issue - intervlan routing


Hey guys!

We have four GXW4224 in use. Our Cisco based network has three VLANs configured. 1-21-100
1 - is for Management devices only, 21 - for the main computer network with windows domain, 100 voice-vlan with router als DHCP Server Role.
In VLAN100 some native voip telephones, analog bridges and small other stuff working quite well and are accessible from the other vlans. Here comes my issue: onle those four GXWs arent accessible. I can only access them while in the same vlan. Analog telephones bend to the GXWs qorking quite well using the VLAN 100.

The ports of my router are native VLAN 1. Tagges with all others. Even as the Cisco switches uplink ports. I tested every kind of Port taggin on my switches but nothing changes. The strange is: All other devices in the hole network are working quite well and even are accessible in every single vlan.

Software Version latest
LLDP Enabled
Layer2QoS Vlan Tag set to “100”, both SIP and RTP “0”

Any ideas out there?


Confirm that the port the devices are plugged into are not vlan-ed and you are adding an extra wrapper.
Quick test set your devices to VLAN 0…

Ping the devices.


I have the possibility to set the network-port on the cisco-switch to “access” and then no vlan tags will be used (like “0” or undefined i think).
Then you mean i must change the values on the gxw?
Layer2QoS Vlan Tag set to “100”, both SIP and RTP “0” -> what i have to change?

Does the new firmware change something with this? Changlog does not mention it.



The GXW4248 isnt a trunk, you will need to add commends to the cisco for the port such as:

int gi1/2 (or what ever your port number is)
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 100
spanning-tree portfast

now the gxw will be on vlan 100 when connected to that port. The spanning-tree command will allow the port to settle quicker when devices are connected (can only be used if port is NOT connected to another switch)


I could be incorrect, but I think his issue is that with Cisco, the native phones (I assume Cisco?) can have two vlans - one for the voice SCCP/SIP/voice traffic and the other for access to the device web GUI. His concern seems to be that the devices that would access the GXW GUI are on vlan 21, but the GXW can only be accessed by devices connected to vlan100 as the interface only supports one vlan.


That is correct. The native phones (IP based) can have a trunk and on the switch you can set the native vlan AND a voice vlan. The phone can connect to the switch (as a trunk…i.e. multiple vlans) but the GXWxxxx does not use a trunk, the port must be in “access” mode and set to a specific vlan.


Hey guys, with the newest Firmware the device is reacheble with VLANs. Thanks!