GXW4224 Dial Plan - Second Dial tone after pressing 9



I have a GXW4224 and I just want to know if you can add a second dial tone after dialing 9, like you would hear with a PBX.
Here is my dial plan:
{ 9[2-9]11 | 91xxx[2-9]xxxxxx | 9[2-9]xxxxxx | 90 | [0] | [1-2]xx}

I know with Ciscos, I can add a comma after the 9 but whenever I try to do that on this system and save it, the dial plan reverts back to what I had before I added the commas.


Why do you want to do that?


Because whenever you dial out from a phone system and you dial a 9, you get a dial tone before you dial the rest of the number. I would like to emulate that if possible.


I haven’t come across a phone system that does that for 12+ years. Certainly in the UK we must allow users to dial emergency numbers directly without a prefix. Other numbers can be dialled with a prefix if required so check legislation.
AFAIK its not possible with a 4224 even with 2 stage dialling as there’s no cadence played between stage 1 and stage 2.


OK, I figured. Quite a few systems in the States still have a prefix to dial unless you are working on a hosted system, especially the systems I work on. As we all know, Europe is a completely different animal when it comes to phones.


Is it really that different. I work in both areas and I haven’t noticed much difference over the years apart from numbering. Most systems, typically analogue, ditched the requirement for a prefix some 12-15 years ago so they are few and far between.
What you want to do is best done on the pbx the 4224 is attached to


The short answer is no.

When you initially pick up the receiver (off-hook), the dial tone is being generated by the GXW (assuming the extension from which you are dialing is registered)… Dialing any number after that is the dial string that is expected to be delivered by the GXW to the SIP device to which it is connected. It is essentially 1-stage dialing.
The device to which the GXW is connected is the one, that upon seeing the string from the GXW would need to provide the secondary dial tone and then you could enter in the other string (2-stage dialing).

In most of the systems today, if a prefix is used (9, 8 or other), it is typically used to define the path to the needed outbound route trunk (route) or a holdover from a prior system where users are still in the habit of dialing without the prefix. .