[GXW4224] announcement voice is suppressed after 0.5 second



we are trying to couple the GXW4224 with our switch. Worth to note that a soho-grade device (HT818) works flawlessly in this configuration. I can register SIP accounts no problem, and i can make outgoing calls and there is full bidirectional audio. However, when user dials invalid number, the switch is supposed to play announcenemt to toe calling party. This doesn’t work; the message is cut after about 0.5 seconds and silence follows.

We have tried playing with options and codess, tried to match the settings from small gateway to the GXW4224 to no avail. I do have the voice recorded along with grabbed pcap from Ethernet, however i can’t upload currently (new user).

I believe the announcement is played using the early medla SIP capability, but not being a SIP expert thats just my guess.

I’d appreciate any ideas. Thanks,