GXW4216 V2.3B Unable to upgrade to latest Firmware


Hi there,

I have just acquired a Grandstream GXW4216 gateway device. Software Version: Program--

However, after attempting several upgrade options (HTTP, TFTP) it won’t upgrade. Mine is obviously a vintage Firmware, many incarnations behind the latest.

Could you advise on the process to move from current to latest please.

Thank you!


Open ticket, you need transition firmware for upgrade. Firmware is very old (release gateway tine).
GS will provide this FW directly


Yes, I am aware I need transition firmware. Can you tell me how or where to acquire it?

All I have is latest version from website.



The site carries a couple of older versions of firmware for most products, but it for a limited number of versions. You will need to contact support and have your current version so they can figure out what upgrade paths are needed.


Ticket to GS via link i posted.