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I have a GXW4216 that I have configured for lines 1-5 go to a single number. My problem is if a call is not answered in around 20 seconds it rolls to 2, then 3, etc. I need it to continue ringing on 1 and only go to 2 if 1 is busy.

Below is my setup, the advanced settings has FSX1 is active and 2-5 are set to “1”. Then 5,6,14,15, & 16 active.

The manual on page 26 describes “multiplexed analog lines” but does not explain the setup.

"One additional and popular way to use the Hunting Group feature is called “multiplexed analog lines”. In this configuration, a legacy PBX system with 8 FXO trunks can be connected to 8 GXW 42xxports configured as a Hunting Group. The GXW can be registered to a SIP server provider using only one phone number. "


I opened a ticket w/ Grandstream and they replied with a solution. Made the changes and will test tomorrow.

My goal is to have lines 1-5 for the main lines.

To configure the Hunting Group di as follow :
By the route *** GXW42xx Web GUI >>> FXS Ports ***, Active the Hunting Group for the FXS1 Port, and then aim the others FXS ports you’re going to use to Port 1.

Something Like This:
FXS1 >>> Hunting Group : Active ; Request URI Routing ID: DID for Port 1
FXS2 >>> Hunting Group : 1 ; Request URI Routing ID: DID for Port 1
FXS3 >>> Hunting Group : 1 ; Request URI Routing ID: DID for Port 1
FXS4 >>> Hunting Group : 1 ; Request URI Routing ID: DID for Port 1
And so on

Note that you will use the same Request URI Routing ID for all the FXS Ports if what you want to achieve is to roll on over the ports when the first is busy and so and so forth.

If you would want to ring directly to a specific FXS Port, then you should use different Request URI Routing ID for each FXS Ports.

Be aware that is not possible to achieve the above two things at once.
Let me know whether this works for you.