GXW4200 Sip Trunk


I have looked in forums and still I am not able to find how to config My Providers SIP Trunk to GrandStream GXW4224 series FXS gateways.

Is there any sample configs to point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance


You may not be able to. Your provider would need to support multiple registrations to the same device/IP for each of the 24 extensions. You will note that the device has multiple profiles and each contains a single sip server address. That part is easy, but then you have the extensions with their respective username/extension, authID and password.

Each extension really constitutes a separate registration and call path. The device would normally be connected to a IP-PBX and not a SIP trunk provider. I assume a hosted system provider might handle, but have no experience with it in this regard with analog endpoints.


thanks for your reply.

I cant event register a single line.
how about using hunting group feature?


Hunting will work, you set 1 account then set this as master, then rest set as hunt.


OK, now I understand and yes, hunting should work if you have the GXW set up correctly for the given NAT condition and the credential settings required by the provider are correct if a register trunk.


Is there any documentation or howto about this config?
why NAT? (I have no nat in network path.)


Here manual:

profile x -> call settings:

requirement: register 1 account :slight_smile:

But this very limited, if you want for user to have personal extension etc you need 1 account for each user or just buy PBX (UCM is best)


This config is for connecting the sip trunk to an old analog pbx.