GXW4108 pstn to voip disconnect


when i make a call from sip to pstn through gxw4108 or from pstn to sip, then i hang up from pstn, i can hear then hear a tone of a call that been hang up but the channel would be still in use until the sip client hang up.

i need to make the channel be free when either sip client or pstn end point hangs up.
when a sip client hangs up then channel is free. the issue is when a pstn end point hangs up!

which parameters i could go through in order to solve this ?



does anyone even answer anything on this forum?


Yes, people will answer provided that they have some knowledge or ideas that may address the issue presented. However, this is a user-to-user forum, not a dedicated GS technical support resource so the responses, if any, will come in due time.

Your query is lacking some detail such as to what is the 4108 connected to on the SIP side? Have you taken a network capture to see whatever it is that is feeding the SIP client if a BYE was received? What is the SIP client?


Go for help or pay someone to assist like @lpneblett


Thank you for your help and i would appreciate you never suggest anything anymore.


Since you are being courteous, perhaps if you gave more detail youd get better answers.


Thanks for trying to help.
I was able to detect the busy tone of the pstn network by trial and error approach.
It is not that professional.
But it worked.
Thanks anw.