GXW4108 - Hookflash



We are using a GXW4108 configured with SIP accounts in Asterisk, and analog lines connected to FXOs ports. I’d to know if we can use a asterisk function to “send a flash” to the gateway(such as SendDtmf(“F”,…), or “Flash()”), and the gateway will pass to the lines? Is there another way to make the gateway send/receive the hook flash?
There’s the Hookflash Duration setting on FXO’s line settings, and we tried to change this timing, however we just want to make sure if the gxw4108 will hear the hookflash from our Asterisk server.

Our scenario:

  • Trunk:
    Softphone (linphone) --> Asterisk/Gateway --> analog lines
    101 (asterisk user) --> 1001 (gwx) --> +11349…



Set DTMF as sip info, then you easy check on logs if this works.