GXW4104 with 3CX Phone System


Good Morning,

I have always worked with a gateway manufactured here in Brazil (Aligera), but it is not homologated by 3CX. Even though I never had problems with their gateway, I thought I’d test yours and confess that I was a little regretful.
I followed the automatic provisioning instructions contained in the manual below and could not make the gateway work:

As you can see in the 3CX trunk management panel, the gateway is not connecting

Also, no SIP registration information appears on the gateway panel:

I need help urgently, please.!


IS your 3CX server local or hosted?


First, thank’s

The 3cx is local server.


In that case there shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve provisioned many of these over the years with 3CX without a hitch.
First I can see the SIP ID is 0 where it should be the extension number
What can you see in the 3CX activity log


The log have only this:


See configurations:

Internal IP:

3CX: (usr: admin / pwd: admin)
Internal IP:

I have edited the post to remove the IP info as this provides a direct connection into both the gateway and 3CX system and allows anyone seeing the post to possibly hijack and make changes to either that present a security risk and possibly prevent your being able to gain back control of either without doing a factory reset or having to reinstall 3CX. If you wish to grant access, please do so by sending a private message to the person you wish to grant. This is a public forum, so any info posted is available to see by all, not just forum members.


OK, thanks, I send to @rtl e-mail.