GXW4104 setup by telnet


I have GXW4104 v1.4.1.5. I need change some settings via telnet. I connected and can view Available commands. But here is not any setup command.
What is the way?


afair: Config -> help or ? will give you commands
You need set them as parameters.


Thanks for reply.

Type '?'  for help
GXW-4100> ?
**Available commands:**
    d addr len - Dump the memory
    S - Syslog control
    t - Toggle malloc stat
    n - list of channels in use
    p - SIPsession structure detail
    a - Run audio test
    A flag - Audio Capture mode
    l - Link status
    s - Show network statistics
    u - Upgrade preference
    r - Reboot
    e - Exit shell
    ? - Show this help

Which command setup, for example, http-port?


Not there, no idea why it was not added in HXW41xx :confused:
There should be config.
As for now i can only think File (but not remember if it read XML or not).