GXW4104 incoming call - no SIP invite?


Thank you Kevin,
I will try the Port Caller ID settings, but pass on the CPT & impedance suggestions (see other thread in relation to PSTN line not being released for reasons).

I have no idea about the P-Asserted identity, specifically

And how to configure this in Raspbian. Can you elaborate?


If it was 3CX, Grandstream, Yeastar, ZyCoo, Epygi, Hybrex, or other Standard telephone system I could point you to the right information. Anything to do with the cut down version of Freepbx should be found on the Raspbian FreePbx forums - someone should have come across the same issue and created a question for it.

If I had access to an Elastix server / Issabel I would be able to let you know… but I dont. Maybe someone else here might be able to help further.


Thank you Kevin,

I have managed to sort the caller id issue out thanks to jpoppi (aka Justin).

He provided me with a copy of a custom firmware ( that GS provided to him.

This has fixed my caller id problem.

Thanks to all for attempting to fix this issue.