Gxw4104-Ht814 extend analog lines


I need this configurated …

PBX (2 extentions)- GXW4104-LAN-HT814


If I am reading your picture correctly, the PBX is an analogue system and you have 2 x FXS ports off it going into a FXO gateway and retransmitting the 2 x FXS over lan to the HT814 to the analogue extensions wherever they may be - using the Grandstream devices as a long line repeater so to speak.


Is correct, exemple: from my analog PBX Panasonic out 2 extension (100 and 101) the ext 100 connect in port 1 to gx4104 and ext 101connect to port 2…
In the ht814 I connect 2 analog telephone (port 1 and port 2). I need the analog phone conected to port 1 to be the ext 100 and port 2 to be ext 101. I configured but my problem is that 2 ht814 are ext 100, I can’t define ports 2 of gx4104 and ht814 corresponding to ext 101. The ext 100 is ok.

Thanks and sorry por my English



Don’t apologise for your English - you have not seen my Mexican :slight_smile:

I believe the accounts area of the HT814 is where you should look or are you using 2 x profiles?


Thanks, Not in Ht814 I have only 1 profile, do you believe that I use 2 profile one for each extentions? The Gx4104 lo only 1 profil?