GXW4104 and HT814 peering weird operation


My application is to run two Centrex lines from a main building through a switch to a fiber back to another switch at an out-building to circumvent running an aerial telephone cable or buried copper. No external SIP server, no “cloud,” just a very simple “me-to-you” implementation.

I tried an HT813 and HT802 never got them to be 100% configured properly, so I decided to try a GXW4104 and HT814.

Now my current problem -

I use two Centrex copper lines received at the demarc. They should be the same, except with different numbers.

Condition 1 - an incoming call to Line 1 will ring through and the voice will not complete when someone answers. Line 1 cannot call out.

Condition 2 - an incoming call to Line 2 will ring through and work fine. Line 2 cannot call out.

I have followed the peering guidance in the “Peering HT8XX with GXW410X” document. I have it, please don’t send it to me, unless there’s been a recent revision.

Now I’m very frustrated because it seems to be very “close,” but something is not exactly right and I can’t understand what the problem may be. What perplexes me the most is why line 1 does not pass audio to the answering party (it just rings and rings and rings), but line 2 does. The parameters are the same for both.