GXW 4216 issue with Sip breakout to analog for Multi tenant PBX



I’m currently having an issue with a SIP breakout on a GXW4216. There is a total of 7 Lines, 6 of which belong to business A. 5 on the pbx and 1 a fax. Business B only has 1 line which is also on the same pbx. When business A receives a call its routed to lines 1-5 (Hunt Group, Profile 1) when a fax is sent from the fax machine its showing the main number of Buisness A instead of the fax as being independent,even though it is defined in the Port Settings as its own number. Also, when a call is placed from Business B outbound the Caller ID displays the correct number, but when calling into that number it is routed to Business A’s lines. I’ve tried setting Business B into its on group (2) but doing so the inbound works , but the outbound calls display the Main number of Business A. I’m not sure where to go from here with the programming or if it may be a provider issue??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!