GXW 4216 Drop Links


I have a Leucotron Ision 4000 IP Central with Grandstrem but when I call an extension that is on GWX the call lasts 30 seconds


The NAT is likely incorrect. I assume that the GXW and the PBX are no co-located and on different networks or remote?


are on the same local network are in the range of different IPS


Sorry, do not understand “are in the range of different IPS”.

I take this to mean that the devices are on different subnets?


correct, example GXW
same network but in different vlans but both are combined and see each other


The issue is likely that the PBX is not aware that the GXW is local. As a result, when a call is made, the PBX is telling the GXW to use the public IP instead of 192.168.50.X respond to address. The call starts and connects, but the ack is not received as it went elsewhere and 32 seconds later the call drops.

I am not familiar with that PBX, but there should be a location or place in the NAT to tell the PBX that the network is local.