GXW-4104 loses registration, does not re-register


If I reboot this gateway, it registers, but when I check on it next day, it’s unregistered. Is there a way to make this thing always re-register if it loses registration? What the??

This is for 911 coverage in a branch office and it needs to be reliable.

Product Model: GXW4104
Hardware Revision: 2.3 Rev A
Part Number: 966-00003-23A
Software Version:
Program :
Loader :
Boot :


What is meant by “coverage for a branch office”?

What I assume to be the case is that you have a PBX, be it a hosted or on-premise system, at a different location than where the 4104 resides. Is this an accurate assumption?

How is the 4104 connected to the server, open Internet or a VPN?