GXW-4104 loses registration, does not re-register


If I reboot this gateway, it registers, but when I check on it next day, it’s unregistered. Is there a way to make this thing always re-register if it loses registration? What the??

This is for 911 coverage in a branch office and it needs to be reliable.

Product Model: GXW4104
Hardware Revision: 2.3 Rev A
Part Number: 966-00003-23A
Software Version:
Program :
Loader :
Boot :


What is meant by “coverage for a branch office”?

What I assume to be the case is that you have a PBX, be it a hosted or on-premise system, at a different location than where the 4104 resides. Is this an accurate assumption?

How is the 4104 connected to the server, open Internet or a VPN?


i have a grandstream gxw-4104 and it loses registration
if i reboot it, it registers, then after a few minutes it loses registration

i have a 3cx pbx and everything is on local network

any ideas why this would lose registration?



Afair, network down (lost connection) stop register proces.
It is in latest firmware.
Switch to peer connection not register.