GXV3674 Mounting Box


I am looking for a mounting box for the GAX3674. This is to replace existing cameras. I need something that will mount to the wall )I plan to drill it to match the existing holes and then mount the camera to the box with all the cabling inside.

I cannot find anything specific to this camera. So I am hoping that someone has found a box that will work.


The GXV is a direct exposed camera, which is to say that it does not need an enclosure. It already has a wall mount and sun shield. You would probably need to get one and examine it to determine its physical properties and how best to mount in an enclosure as no one knows what the “existing holes” are in your old set-up and you will have to see how to remove the existing GXV mount and then determine how to adapt so that the verifocal adjustment knobs (on the bottom) can be accommodated.


Thanks for the reply. I was actually referring to something like this:

I want to mount the GXV to a box like this to put the cables inside it and then mount that box to the wall. This eliminates the need to bore out a larger hole to accommodate the cables.

I have found many of these junction boxes for other cameras but nothing for a GXV3674. So I am hoping that someone here may have found a box that works.

I do not need a complete enclosure for the whole camera. My apologies for that misunderstanding.


No apologies needed. I never thought about it in that manner as the mounting arm on the device is hollow and can store the cables. I guess that may also depend on what all cables you intend to use. I have a few in the office and I will take another look at the mount to see how well it can handle the cables as it has been awhile.


I ended up grabbing a 4x4x2 Cantex PVC box that I mounted to the exterior wall using the existing mounting holes. I then mounted the camera to the lid of the box and am using the box to store all the cables. I tried to pack the camera cables in the arm but there was not enough room for they grandstream cables alone.

I am not keen on the color of the box but it definitely works. The main point was so that I did not have to bore out the brick to accommodate the GS cables.


Nice. thanks


I just did the very same thing as I ran conduit to a couple of outlet boxes and hid the cables in from the side of the outlet box . I did not want to mount the cameras on the face of the box as I had thought it was kind of weak plastic . So I drilled out the facial and installed toggles and molley screws . seems to work really well ! Have you guys worked ona solution for the video storage ? My server is getting murdered with 6 Terabytes and filling up quick . Changed the bit rate down to 1028 and set up motion detection to try and slow the downloading … Searching for a camera set up doc and storage ideas …


I use a synology NAS for video storage and rotation. I have it set to record continuously during business hours and then only motion after hours. This seems to work well. I have my NAS set for 30 days of video retention before it starts cycling them. In total I have about 14 cameras running and with about 4 TB of space used over a rolling 30 days.


Good idea ! We seem to have solved the issue by not using 2048 or 4096 bit rates as the download is horrendous ! We are down to gigs versus terabytes the other day and are monitoring it now ! Interesting how it is a feature but needs caution applying ! We also set motion detection and alarm center up as well !

Thank You for the help as I appreciate it !


You’re welcome. I also use variable bit rate (VBR) with these cameras. When there is no motion they take up very little space. You might experiment with that to see if it would fit your environment.


That’s an interesting concept ( VBR ) that I was not aware of !
I’ll look into that as well Thx !

We did set up motion detection on them from 8PM at night until 7AM in the morning as I saw that feature too ! I am looking into the day time too for certain areas to go on Motion as well !

I’ll be over there tomorrow to check out the storage again and see where we are so I’ll play around with that !