GXV3615WP_HD AVI file size



I have 4 of these cameras and I recently put new 32GB SD cards in them

On one camera the AVI files are 30 minutes long about 200MB insize, on another camera the AVI files are about 8 minutes long 54MB and on another camera the files are 6 seconds long less than 1MB in size.

I have scoured the camera settings but can not find a setting for the AVI file size


File depend on quality set on camera and length of record.


Thanks Marcin
All cameras are set up identically is recording 30 minute long is recording 8 minutes long
Attached screen shots show the IP address in the URL bar


Recording is alarm ?
The you have pre and post record.

Also record will depend on how much screen change, H.264 will compress no change screen very efficient.


Hi Marcin
As you can see from my previous screen shots, the H.264 settings are identical for both cameras.
And as you can see below the cameras have the identical pre/post record settings


Compare visual both recording. See how much % of screen is changing during record.


Thanks for your patience Marcin
The issue has somehow resolved itself. All cameras are now making 200MB files.
I can still see the older files on the SD cards, some >1GB and some <1MB, I did not change any settings but I did re-save some existing settings
Very strange
Take Care :slight_smile: