GXV3610_HD/FHD v2



The instructions state to losen the set screw and rotate to open. I have loosened the set screw and even tried removing it. Is seems impossible to get the camera apart to mount. rotating the camera in the collar is scratching all the paint from the camera. Is their any tricks to getting this camera apart? At this point I am going to have to return the camera because the paint is scratched so much. Just needing to know how to do this before I decide to order another one or go with a different brand.


The unit has three parts. The base, the collar (with the set screw) and the ball-shaped camera. You have to hold the base and rotate the collar not the camera. It may help to push the camera into the base to relieve the pressure on the collar.


The base was cross threaded to the collar. Using a screwdriver and a hammer I was able to turn the base an inch or so at a time and finally got it apart. Unfortunately the unit is so scratched at this point it is unit un-useable as a demo and cannot be sold. My recommendation if anyone finds one cross threaded this bad return it before you destroy it trying to get it apart.