GXV3610 Audio from speaker delayer


I have 3 different GXV3610 HD camera, each with a different version of the last 3 firmware releases.
each camera is connected to an active loudspeaker.

if I access any of the cameras either directly from an Grandstream phone, or by direct IP call, or via IP Cam Viewer app or via Internet Explorer… there is always at least one second delay in audio (probably 2 or more seconds).
If I talk in the phone I can hear myself 1-2 seconds later on the loudspeaker.

why is there such a large delay?
are there some settings to reduce this?


I am not aware of any settings. The latency may be a function of any number of things. Are the camera feeds being recorded? Are you using the primary or secondary streams? Are the cameras using a higher rate codec and using more bandwidth that might be on a congested network?

To me, you would be best served by trying to troubleshoot the issue using the GS phone and dialing direct. I say this as there is no way to know how much latency may be introduced by the PC and its ability to accommodate near real time audio and video, Additionally, you did not mention where the various viewing devices are in relation to the cameras. If remote, such as trying to view at home or other, then you also need to consider your bandwidth availability at both sites as this may be the main culprit, which again goes back to the codecs, streams, etc.


all devices are in the same gigabit network connected by cat6 cable (except the phone with IP Cam viewer). network capacity is not an issue.
even with direct IP call within my LAN from a grandstream phone to the cam the latency happens.
the latency is there with stream1 and stream2.
also the latency is the same in an IP Video call and just an IP-audio call to the came without video.
prefered codecs are set to the same in the cam and in the grandstream phones.

a synology NAS does record everything. but I turned that off for testing; the latency in all watching-devices is still there with 1-2 seconds


I don’t think I have that model around. I do have others (GS) and if time permits will run some tests.


as said, I have 3* GXV3610HD and different grandstream phones


the latency issue happens in every combination, alsowas about 1-2 seconds delay.

I also have a Yealink SIP-T58A; using this to access any of the Grandstream cams the latency is noticably shorter. probably only 0.5 seconds.


I tested, but not certain that my results are indicative of anything as the environments are so different.

I have a 3672 camera with latest firmware as well as an older 3615 box wi-fi (wished they still made them). Both are connected to a UCM6104 PBX as extensions. I also have a GS GXV3275 vid phone connected to same. The UCM and 3672 are connected to the same LAN on a GB network with no QoS or other, just open ports,.The 3615 is connected via Wi-Fi.

Looking at a capture, it appears that from origination, thru the UCM to the camera, the delay was around 225ms,. This being from the time the UCM received a word to the time it processed it and sent on to the camera,

As I am testing from the same room and can hear the audio, it seems (subjectively) to be about right, In any event, I do not experience the same amount of latency as you despite going thru the UCM. Testing the 3615 also had similar results from an audio perspective, although I made no attempt to measure; certainly not what you experience.

Wish I had the same camera, but alas, I do not.


to extend my observations:
if motion detection is disabled in the camera, than there is almost no latency.

if motion detection is enabled and email and picture storig is also enabled, then there is a clear latency of 1+ seconds.

but if there is motion detection enabled, and email sending and video upload to FTP is enabled the latency becomes unbearable. it builds up during to the video call to 5-10 seconds.