GXV3504 stop recording to local USB-stick




I have configure mine GXV3504 that by motion of the cameras the images and the video is storage on the local USB stick (Live Storage in the menu options). When the disk is full, the earliest video or images will be deleted. When the disk is full this mechanisme will work fine, but only for a couple of days. Than it stop storage any new video’s or images. When I umount the USB-stick and remount it again its works fine again for a couple of days.

I have tested it with different USB-sticks of SD-cards. And all the same issue.

I use the laters firmware (, but the core version is and the hardware version is V0.3B

Is this a commen problem and maybe is there a solution for it.

Many Thanks.



Oh!!! you can record frimware.


No Why??


Hi Guys

I got grandstream gxp2140 i want local call recording feature like as show in the video below can any one help on this or any other way to record the calls local in GXP2140.


It is totally wrong forum ! And talk about different units.

As for reply: You need start this function via web:
Settings -> call features ->


Hi everybody, I´m grandstream UCM6510 admin, my problem is when i connect a usb external hard disk for record calls, the UCM does not recognize it. I tried with different disks and always its a same thing. I tried with WD, Toshiba, Seagate and one from China. I appreciate somebody who can help me