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I am using your GXV3500 product and am very satisfied overall. But in the process of tuning, one drawback came to light. When an amplifier with a speaker is connected, hum is heard in the amplifier. to get rid of the background, I installed power and signal filters, but the background did not disappear. When the amplifier is connected to a laptop, there is no background in the absence of sound. During the experiments, I noticed that when switching codecs in the audio settings, the background disappears, when the switching process ends, it appears again. Apparently, when switching, the audio output is bridged by the low output impedance of the digital-to-analog converter. The same is done in sound cards of personal computers. I ask you to eliminate this drawback in the software update, that is, to short-circuit the audio output in the absence of a digital audio signal at the input of the digital-to-analog converter, or a SIP call. Thank you in advance.


This is a user to use your support forum. For this type of issue you would need to call the help desk.


There are certain problems with this, I do not speak English. Could you please forward the message to the technicians to fix the firmware. When the amplifier cable is disconnected, there is no hum. When the amplifier is connected to the line-out of the laptop and there is no signal, there is also no background. When connected to GXV3500, background appears when there is no digital signal. thus the background source is the GXV3500 decoder. The latest firmware is installed. But I noticed that in the process of switching the audio codec (from PCMA to PCMU, for example) the background disappears while the switching process lasts. Thus, this problem is not hardware, but can be solved by software methods. Please pass these messages to technicians to solve the problem.


I only speak English.

The help desk has staff in multiple languages and they are the only ones that can help you I believe.

I am just a user like you.


Can’t you tell me the technical support mailbox, I couldn’t find it on the site.


There is no mailbox, you need go via helpdesk.