Gxv3500 white screen



we are trying to view the video from gxv3500 but it only shows white screen via yellow rca and shows no video on browser just says connecting

RTSP works on vcl player OK


but no picture on decode interface
no picture on monitor only white screen from av out

camera ip type samsung 6084r
settings H.264 - 640x480 @ 1fps

any guidance


Hello Sahara
Have same problem, got any answer?


Hello again sahara.

On the decoder you have to choose Stream Format: RTSP

That worked for me :slight_smile:


Answer of vastve it is very useful for me.I can solve this problem from you answer .


I have the same problem, VLC playback is fine, notingb out of the BNC. I have stream format on RTSP. RTSP URL set to rtsp: Video is in the thumbnail but no video out of the BNC - output type set to PAL


That should have read RTSP URL set to rtsp://


Please ignore previous posts - I have it all resolved now


Please could you help me with data of how you solved it, I have communication between two GXV3500 and everything works fine until the AV output, it only shows me the white screen. I see the thumbnail in the decoder without problem, I have tried with several resolutions in both MPEG and H.264 and, in the decoder I tested with RTSP and HTTP with the primary and secondary stream. I can not get the video from the camera in the analog output.

I have exchanged the units (encoder to decoder and vice versa) with the same result

Any suggestions?