GXV3500 relay not working



I read the gxv3500 manual to check if i was something wrong, but apparently nop.

i cant use the gxv3500 relays for nothing, i’m assuming that i have a problem on my scheme but i tested even with a small fan, to simulate the door actuator but nothing, a small 12v fan did not move, all other pieces are working perfectly fine, video stream as encoder and decoder, audio as a PA system is awesome, mic input for monitoring spaces is great but if i want to make a door phone with it to open the door strike i think it wont work.

are you guys having the same issue?

tnx in advance from chile!


no answer yet… is there any solution to this!?..


I have almost the same problem - alarm out is always closed and I can not switch it off.
Is there any chance to solve this problem?


i think is not a problem… 'cause i have tested the relay and there is change or electricity passing by switching… the thing is that im not able to makeit work with a 12 volt siren… i’m following the manuals diagram and im not getting any change,