GXV3380 Potential Video Bug


Have not set up an account on the unit - thought I would try a video call via IP

Entered the address, far side started ringing.

Answered the call

Incoming/outgoing video on GXV3380 was fine

Image on far side - Tandberg EX90 - was garbled, but still getting audio.

Repeated this a few times, still the same

Tested with a Yealink video phone and it worked fine

I can test with other devices if you wish:

  • Cisco CTS1500
  • Poly Group Series 500
  • Poly Group Series 7500



Just tested with a CTS1500 - same result, total garbage on video, but audio is fine.


Just tested with a DX80 - video is being transmitted FROM the DX80, but not being RECEIVED; blank screen.


Weird, I tested with 2 GS phones (GXV3370 & GXV3380), video and audio are both awesome.

Maybe issue with your specific device?


What devices did you test them with, just out of interest?



This is what I’m getting with the EX90 and the CTS1500


Could you please give another test and use “One-click Debugging” to capture the trace for review? Thank you.


Will do - thanks.

How do I completely reset the phone back to factory settings?


Does LCD -> Settings -> Advanced: System security -> Factory reset work?


OK, have reset device.

Tried a call- still the same.

How do I enable the one-click debugging on the device - and how do I transfer the log file?

  1. web UI -> Maintenance -> System Diagnosis -> Syslog: change the Syslog Server to a random IP such as; change the debug level to “Debug”;
  2. Go to “Debug” tab and click “Start” for One-click Debugging.
  3. Conduct the test.
  4. Click “Stop” after you finish the test.
  5. Click “List” to download the documents. You can PM me the link where you upload the file. Thank you.