GXV3380 PlayStore issue


Have seen a few people have encountered issues with the Play Store. I wanted to try a few other video apps, and managed to download Play Store, but it will not load. Just flashes and returns to the screen.


When you installed the app and it says may not be compatible with the device, the use can be an issue. Do you mind telling which app you tried with specifically? Thank you.


As mentioned above, it was the Google Play Store app.

It downloaded, installed - but just flashes the screen and will not execute.



You may need to install GMS in GS Market, then install the services in it. Then you can install the Google Play from GS Market.


Will try that - thank you.


OK, so gave that a try and Play Store works - many thanks.

I downloaded the latest version of Pexip Infinity, which installed quite happily.

Upon loading, it gave an ‘Oops’ error message and crashed, finishing up with an Application Error message before returning to the app screen.

Have rebooted, just in case. Nothing else being loaded.

How compatible is this likely to be with video based android apps?


I had the same issue and I sort it out with the GMS re-installation. Maybe a factory reset could help too. I downloaded many android applications and all of them function as expected.


GMS was saying ‘already installed’

I like the factory reset idea - thanks.


I found you need to do two things. First, install the GMS from the GS Market before you install Google Play. Second, you must go to Google settings for Play and turn on all the permissions. Once that’s done, apps should be downloadable and work correctly. (However, I noticed that Skype would only open if I switched from Ethernet to WiFi, and Outlook will not open.)