GXV3380 - How to use HDMI-in?


I wonder how I can use HDMI-in to share desktop?


This is currently used in video call with others. Connect the device and PC in HDMI-in will allow others to see the presentation from PC.


Thank you but I cannot find a items in menu to activate HDMI input (with connected video from PC). Could you advice me, please?


Since this feature is only supported during video call, you may find it from the ongoing call interface -> More -> Presentation.


I’m sorry, there isn’t an item “Presentation” on menu on my phone. I attached screenshot.20190719_074601


I did the test and it works correctly. It is a great functionality that enriches the video call. I like very much!!


What of resolution is expected on HDMI-in? I connect a raspberry pi hdmi video output (1920x1200).


I really don’t know the maximum specifications, but I tried an HDMI output of a PC with 1920x1080 resolution and it worked correctly.


Hi Guys,

I was getting the same problem, I have upgraded the firmware.
Now I can use Content sharing while in video call.

Thanks Grandstream Team.


I’m trying to find more information on the HDMI ports.
Are they still only active during a video call?

If I were to be on zoom could have the video output to an HDMI tv to show me the video?

If I wanted to use the screen as a second monitor could I have my computer show video from the HDMI in?

Thanks so much!


It is only active during a call and is meant to connect with a PC for desktop sharing. While you could connect most other HDMI capable devices, it is not a feed to the display of the phone, but rather a feed-in to the phone for a feed out for sharing.


Very helpful. Sorry for more questions. Just expensive purchase and I want to make sure I understand.

  1. What about the HDMI out? When is it active?
  2. During a call means when using GS video call software? Not on third party apps like zoom. Is that correct?

Thanks so much!


While I may be mistaken, I believe it is active whenever any device is connected to the port.

You might take a look at the manuals a and see if they shed more light.


HDMI out work all time with mirroring screen from phone.


Is it possible to update the presentation app on the GXV3380 to display the 16:9 aspect ratio with black boards on top and bottom? The camera app already does this. (Note: this isn’t issue with video calls. Its just issue when displaying HDMI-in on the GXV3380 LCD where the image is stretched)

The GXV3380 has a 16:10 aspect ratio displays (1280x800), but the HDMI-in encoder seems to generate a 16:9 aspect ratio stream (1080P/720P). The presentation app stretches the HDMI-in video to the full height of the GXV3380 LCD, which resulted in stretch image. Remedy would be to update the presentation to add black boarders just like how the current camera app does.