GXV3380 - From time to time the phone freezes


From time to time the phone freezes and no settings are applied. In the attached photo example - in the settings specified the correct time, but the status bar time is different. It was at this point that the WEB interface did not work, new applications were not installed, did not reboot, when adding new widgets they did not work, when adding a new SIP account there was no registration. The touchscreen worked fine. Everything worked after re-powering up. This happened at different times and under different circumstances.


Could you please tell the time range when the issue occurs again after repower-up? Or in what setting or circumstances would you encounter the issue?


Completely unpredictable. But most often when I start to configure the phone again from scratch. The last time I waited a long time, when the phone will start to function normally. I had to reconnect the power. I’ll try again and write the details.