GXV3380 - Feature request: O365 phonebook from web gui



I managed to use my Office 365 contacts on a GXV3240. But mails were also synced which was not so interesting. And it had to be done on the touchscreen in an app and could not be done from the web gui.
Turned out to be buggy as well.

If I’m not mistaken you cannot use LDAP to connect to O365? Would it be possible to implement an O365 contacts sync from the web gui? But only the contacts.


Unfortunately, we are not going to implement this feature at the moment because the third-party app API needs some more time to integrate.


Will it be available in later firmware releases? Or on later models?
It would be welcome as well on GXV3240. It’s a question we get often from clients. It’s not a deal breaker but it could be a strong asset.


We will consider adding in later firmware. Once it is implemented, other models would follow up soon as well.


My last endpoints were NEC UT880’s, which were also Android-based IP phones. They allow a user to synchronize contacts from an Exchange server. I successfully had four endpoints synched to O365 contacts and it worked great. I would very much like the same convenience on my GXV3380’s. I have no need for the emails or calendar; just contacts for fast dialing.