GXV3380 - Feature Request - Handset/Headset/Speaker toggle


There should be an easy on-screen to toggle handset/headset/speaker on the same page.

As it is now, the RJ9 headset toggle is on the bottom of a two-part pull down screen from the top, whereas you select the speaker from the calling screen by touching on “Media channel”. At the very least the “Media channel” should be a three-way toggle between handset/headset/speaker.

Also, if you leave the headset engaged, end a call and take off the headset you will NOT hear the ringer if a new call arrives because the speaker is shut off. Either the ringer should play through both the headset and the speaker, or when a call is ended, the headset toggle should automatically turn off.

The current system is too many keystrokes which takes up too much time when you’re about to answer a call.