GXV3380-Click sound on all screens (even after disabling "touch sounds"


So, I haven’t even setup an account on this model yet, but the “click” sounds are driving me crazy… So I went to the android settings, then sound settings, then other sound, then “touch sounds”, and disabled them. so it disables the sounds while in the settings screens, but the minute I go back to the Grandstream pages, it starts “Clicking” again! UGH…


I also noticed the click sounds that are somewhat annoying.

Maybe, this can be disabled by default or replaced with a more subtle tone.


Could you please share the steps to reproduce the issue? Because I did this, LCD Settings -> Sound -> Other sounds:
Disable Touch sounds, and there is no click sound when touching LCD app/buttons. But there is still click sound when I am entering characters in Google Play. This is a bug
Disable Button tone, and there is no click sound when touching the 5 softkey below LCD.


You have identified the exact steps. LCD Settings -> Sound -> Other sounds…
But when typing in form or when the keyboard is opened, again there is a click sound.


We found that the keyboard is controlled by the keyboard app. So the following steps helps to turn off the keyboard sound:

LCD Settings -> Language & Keyboard -> Virtual keyboard -> Android Keyboard (AOSP) -> Preference -> Sound on keypress: off


Yes, your suggestion worked. The clicks are gone. Thank you.


That sound annoys me too. It is necessary to change something.


Write to android ? It is stock keyboard sound.


Not only are the click sounds annoying, they also suffer from lag from when the actual key is pressed, by at least 250msec, possibly more.


Audio delay is also present when watching videos.