GXV3380 Cannot install Outlook app from Google Play



Microsoft Outlook enables email, but importantly allows sync of Contacts and Calendar. Whilst it does download, it does not install - with no error message.

If I reboot the phone I have an Outlook app icon, but it crashes if I try to start it.


It doesn’t work for me either. The application stops.
This application is important because it is part of office 365 and is needed in the enterprise environment.


Still not working with v. as of 8/12/2019


Dear Grandstream technical team, this problem requires a priority solution. A great advantage of this videophone is that it provides an end device to use Office 365 interactions. Outlook not only provides corporate email, but also a way to synchronize the calendar and launch a Skype for Business call directly from the calendar or Outlook message. This is the way end customers use Skype on a daily basis.


I was able to install Outlook from Google Play, but it wouldn’t open. Syncing Office365/Exchange contacts is a very important feature and should be added.