GXV3380 Beta - GDS/Door System Compatibility



The GXV3370 has the possiblity to be connected to a Door System (e. g. GDS3710) to be able to watch its camera and open the door lock connected to the Door System.

However, I didn’t find this option with the GXV3380 in the “Value Added Service” or anywhere else.

Can you please add this extremely useful feature?


We will add this feature in future release. Thank you.


Will this be added via software update, or does it need hardware update as well?


It requires firmware update only. Thank you.


And is there an ETA for this. I have someone who just bought 2 GVX3380 primarily to work with the two GDS3710s they purchased with this in mind.

Personally, I’m surprised by this omission in the base firmware that was released with the BETA test…


The new firmware ( has added the GDS compatilibity.


I just upgraded to but I don’t see anything about GDS…


Does the new firmware also support third-party SIP video door phones, like DoorBird?


I don’t know about that, but it does have several options…


Under Value Added Services, the first entry.

Click add, and you get to choose GDS or not.