GXV3380 ( - Audio delay


The sound lags behind the video or taps. When I watch Youtube or another video and when I touch the onscreen buttons and buttons at the bottom, the sound lags each time. I can press 3-4 times in a row, and only then I hear the sound of pressing. Is that okay? At the same time, the speakerphone works well during calls.


Jitter problems?
What kind of connectivity do you have?
Checked for latency?
tried to update the fw of the GXV3380?


It sounds like you are possibly reporting two issues:

  1. When watching a streaming video on You Tube, there is a delay in the audio portion relative to what the video is showing.
  2. That the audio feedback when pressing a screen display button is suppressed for the first several “presses” and then it shows.

As the firmware you are running does not appear to be up to date, I suggest you update and then see if the issues persist and then report if such is the case. I looked for some release notes, for the 1.14 release showing, but oddly enough none were listed, but perhaps one or both issues have been addressed.


Indeed, in firmware there is no sound delay.


Firmware Again there was a sound delay.

  • Pressing on-screen keys
  • Watching video


I’m confused, first you write “solved” delay then you write “persists” delay?


The same issue on my GXP3380 fw (also before fw).


After installing the new firmware the problem disappeared. Then I began to notice that the sound delay began to appear again. The sound delay began to increase and now it is again as before. Now I can press 4 times on the on-screen keyboard in a row, and only after that I will hear a click from the first press. When watching video, the lack of synchronization between video and audio is very noticeable.


tried to use as the only PCMU/A codec?


Damiano - I think they are referring to the video/audio as seen from various websites and not a call scenario. As a result, the codec is not a factor.


I had a similar problem, I went crazy 2 hours, then I remember that I changed the codec and everything went well.
Since he has a problem, and nobody seems to give him the solution, I do not think that changing a codec will create problems, it is still a test :slight_smile:

sometimes the solution is there at hand, and we avoid it a priori.