GXV3370/WP820 SDK incomplete



I downloaded the most recent version of the API for the version of the GXV 3370.

The file I have is the gsapi-1.1.6.jar.

Precedently, when trying to check the status of a line, I could use PhoneContext.LineStatus.DIALING or simply BaseLine.isDialing().

Since the new version of the API, these functions does not exist anymore and there is no documentation as what to use instead.

For exemple, PhoneContext.LineStatus exist, but there is nothing in it. This is an empty class. This is pretty much the case for a lot of things.

Same thing happen when Listening the satus of the handset:

onHookEventChanged(int device,boolean isOffHook) {}

In this interface, they give the device that has its state changed and the new state. “Device” is supposed to be used to check if its the state of the Handset or the Headset. But there is no way in the API to check which one is which.

It looks like the API file is incomplete as it is missing a lot the previous version had.

When do you plan to release the complete api?

Thank you