Gxv3370 video layout


The Video Layout, under account/call settings seems to go to Equal split screen when I select Only display remote screen in Gdms. I haven’t tried it by the config file yet for 3370.

Thank you


If you choose Default, does it still goes to Equal Screen or it stays in Default?


The other options went to their respective option. Equal goes to Equal, Default goes to Default, and Equal Split goes to Equal Split. Just Remote Screen goes to Equal Split.


I’ll test that on mine too and test if it’s the same on GXV3350.


Thank you. Is that a new phone they’re coming out with the Gxv3350? I had seen that in the gdms model list.


Yes, the GXV3350 is currently in testing but us Insiders. It’s based in the GXV3380 but with a smaller screen and physical keys.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! This is an issue of device template in GDMS platform, and we will update the online default template for GXV3370 in GDMS platform soon to fix this issue. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you!