GXV3370 - Google Assistance



Is anyone else having issues with google assistance? i can get it to work on our other android based phones, just not the GXV3370.


What firmware version do you have?

Also, this phone supports Skype and Play Store. However, Grandstream does warn you that most of the apps might not work properly.



I’m not on the new Beta one.

This is the message I get:

and it sends me here: https://support.google.com/assistant/answer/7172657


I have a unifi and polycom android VoIP phones that support it… was just wondering if I was missing something.


Please follow this link on the device and tell me what version you have of google play services. I will try with mine using the beta firmware.

There are some requirements for it and it may be the reason why it doesn’t work.


Memory can be a problem.


I don’t think so as the phone have plenty of it and the app works on less powerful devices.

@schavez I tried on my beta firmware and it didn’t work either. My guess is it’s due to the specific software of this device (aka the SIP Phone instead of normal Phone app).


Google need 1.4G and phone have around 1G free.


Mine is currently at 1.35GB free so we have enough space.

Also, by experience, the app would tell us that the problem is storage space.


I just freed some space on my test phone and I can confirm that storage is not the problem. I have now 1.94GB free and it still won’t work.

As I said, it must be due to the specific software of this device.


Not storage, MEMORY.
You can see it Status -> system info. Total 2GB. 960Mb free for me.