GXV3370 & GDS3710. Door phone setup


Hello Team,
We have a simple 1 Door to 1 Station (GDS3710 & GXV3370) installation. It is setup as direct IP so no SIP server. It works fine, however the Phone is wide open, I’m hoping to lock it down with a user account, as is now, it boots up into an admin type access to all setting and apps. Users will definitely find a way to brick it this way.
I know there are xml files that can be pushed to the phone, could this be the way to do this?


I think that using the GUI customization is the solution…
Correct me if I am wrong or there is a better way.


Yes, customize GXV3370 touch GUI and setup touch screen password to guard it.


Thanks for the help, So modifying the 3370 was simple, so getting the layout was straight forward. However, I think I am missing something with the integration. After following the steps in this document:
I cannot get the door 1 and door 2 open buttons to overlay on the image. The user must go to the dial pad and press a number to release the door. Any help getting to this would be helpful.

Thanks in advance…


I am not sure about the GXV3370, but for GSC3570, you can use webUI under “Maintenance --> LCD Access -->Door Settings” to enable the “Open Door Icon on LCD”.

Maybe you can open a ticket in HELPDESK to ask GXV3370 related support engineer to guide you to configure this. I think GXV3370 should work regarding this. But unfortunately I did not have GXV3370 in hand.

Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control products.